About the GustBuster SunBLOK umbrella

SunBLOK Gustbuster umbrella
GustBuster SunBLOK umbrella

The SunBLOK umbrella by GustBuster has patented sun protection and blocks 96% of harmful UVA/UVB rays.

It also features:

  • 58″ canopy span when open
  • Cooler for you; 10 degrees cooler under the SunBLOK umbrella
  • Includes all the patented Gustbuster construction and performance technologies for windproof, waterproof and strength. Including the double canopy and raindrop shaped wind release vents

Email Lucy or Hamish at info@richmondagencies.com for more information

Canopy circumference Canopy diameter Length
147cm 130cm 95cm

Gustbuster UK distributes the Gustbuster umbrellas in the UK as part of Richmond Agencies (UK) Ltd.


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