Metro umbrella

About the Gustbuster Metro umbrella

Gustbuster Metro umbrella hunter
Gustbuster Metro umbrella hunter

The Gustbuster Metro umbrella features:

  • Opens automatically to a 43″ canopy (closed 16″)
  • A pinchless open & close release system
  • Double canopy design
  • Temper-hardened steel joint connectors; patented
  • Hexagonal, hardened steel ribs and reinforced shaft to prevent crimping and snapping
  • Sheath can be used for backpack or over-the-shoulder carrying
  • Comfort handle with Sure Grip
  • Wind-tested by College of Aeronautics to 55+ mph
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Video review:

Email Lucy or Hamish at for pricing, a quote or to place an order

Colours available:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Fuchsia
  • Hunter green
  • Navy

Canopy circumference Canopy diameter Length closed Length open
109cm 98cm 40cm 55cm

Gustbuster UK distributes the Gustbuster umbrellas in the UK as part of Richmond Agencies (UK) Ltd.


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