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NEW! GustBuster LTD windproof umbrella

Gustbuster Metro umbrella black open

Automatic Open AND Close

The finest GustBuster ever built!   We took the award winning design of the GustBuster windproof umbrella and after 4 years of research and development put the finishing touches onto the first automatic open AND close windproof umbrella. The GustBuster LTD umbrella has all the features of our Metro umbrella PLUS the automatic open/close system, making it the first fully automatic folding windproof umbrella on the market. As with all the GustBuster designs, it can withstand winds of 55mph and so is more than worthy of the GustBuster brand. 

The best feature of the automatic open / automatic close means you can easily get in and out of a vehicle or through a doorway with one push of a button. No more stopping to use two hands to close your umbrella while you are standing in the elements getting wet!

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Features of the GustBuster LTD umbrella

  • Automatic Open AND Close
  • Windproof up to 55mph
  • Hexagonal shaft to prevent snapping
  • Hardened steel to prevent frame crimping and snapping
  • Fiberglass ribs with Memory Rod construction for flexibility and durability
  • Extra wide double closure straps
  • Matchling sleeve with drawstring closure
  • Hardwood ergonomic handle with a 5 inch wrist strap
  • 190 thread count Nylon canopy 
  • Lifetime guarantee