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GustBuster named best golf umbrella 2018

GustBuster Windproof Golf Umbrella in Red-Black with GustBuster Logo Print

We are thrilled to be named the best golf umbrella in 2018 by MyGolfSpy for the second year running! Coming 1st with the 68″ golf umbrella and 3rd with the 62″ golf umbrella.

MyGolfSpy independently test golf hardware for a readership of over 35 million. To find the best golf umbrella on the market they had a stringent testing criteria; handle, coverage, opening speed, durability and features. They tested 24 different golf umbrellas for over 10 hours.

GustBuster golf umbrella performed well on wind resistance, coming 1st (of course!!) and durability, coming 2nd. The 68″ model came 2nd on coverage giving it the edge to come 1st overall.

In the words of MyGolfSpy…

The Gustbuster has been crowned “Best Umbrella of 2018” for the second year in a row. The 68-inch canopy is built to handle the toughest of on-course conditions. Although the Gustbuster is fully manual, it opens efficiently. Durability is again the Gustbusters strength as it can withstand winds of more than 55mph. The innovative bungee cord venting system that connects the canopies allows air to pass through the umbrella effectively and without damage.

GustBuster windproof umbrella wind release vents
GustBuster windproof umbrella. See how the tear drop wind release vents work with the elastic shock absorbers to disperse the wind.

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