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GustBuster umbrella size chart

The Classic Gustbuster Windproof Umbrella

You will find below the dimensions for all the Gustbuster umbrellas. And don’t forget, they can be printed with your logo or crest. Read more about our customised printing options.

They are now available direct in our online shop, so shop now!

Umbrella Canopy circumference Canopy diameter Length closed Length open
Golf 62″ 157cm 140cm 100cm 100cm
Golf 68″ 173cm 150cm 108cm 108cm
Metro 43″ 109cm 98cm 40cm 55cm
SunBlock 58″ 147cm 130cm 95cm 95cm
Classic 48″ 122cm 104cm 88cm 88cm
Doorman 62″ 157cm 140cm 100cm 100cm
Doorman 68″ 173cm 150cm 108cm 108cm

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