The World's Smartest Umbrella

The GustBuster is a unique umbrella with a patented waterproof and wind-proof design. Certified by the US College of Aeronautics to withstand 55mph winds and above, the rain-drop shaped vents are the key to the success of this umbrella. Plus each Gustbuster umbrella comes with a lifetime guarantee.

About Us

Gustbuster Golf umbrella navy hunter 62''
Gustbuster Golf umbrella navy hunter 62”

Gustbuster umbrellas are distributed in the UK by Richmond Agencies (UK) Ltd. We distribute the high-quality, wind-proof Gustbuster umbrella to retailers, golf clubs and corporate clients. We have the full range of Gustbuster umbrellas from the #1 Golf umbrella to the nifty Metro umbrella and can arrange printing to have your club crest or company logo printed onto any of the umbrella models in a range of options. Find out more about the printing options we offer.

Why choose a Gustbuster umbrella?

Don’t just take our word for it, we are MYGOLFSPY Best Buy Golf Umbrella 2017.

Find out more about the review.

It’s the one standout design in the test.

Gustbuster UK distributes the Gustbuster umbrellas in the UK as part of Richmond Agencies (UK) Ltd.


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